Ministry of Grace

“Healing and our acceptance of grace is never something we decide to do and then it’s done. It’s never-ending, always needing to be re-examined and offered back to Jesus in trust of his mercy at work in our lives.” – J.C. Beichner

 558950_634778023216027_4013077_nSpeaking Events

J.C. Beichner speaks to various groups on a variety of faith-based topics centered around pro-life advocacy, and improving the discourse in the abortion debate. JC is passionate about youth ministry and speaking to teens as well as women’s groups of all ages about moral issues, authenticity and the power of God’s grace to transform our brokenness into something beautiful to serve his will. If you would like J.C. Beichner to speak at your next event please email your request to

Listen below to an excerpt of J. C. Beichner’s personal testimony, also featured in her award-winning book, Grace in Progress: Prayers for the Beautifully Broken.