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Sometimes all you need is a great collaborator, a second set of eyes to lend valuable insight into your creative project. J. C. Beichner assists authors with creative collaboration on all types of written projects from every genre of fiction and non-fiction to screen plays. JC can provide insight, direction and general editing strategy and feedback on character, structure and story development.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer when she helped to edit my novella. Jennifer took the time to discuss both writing mechanics and the overall rounding out of characters as well as different progressions within the story. Jennifer helped me to see the parts of my story that did not make sense and kindly pointed out what wasn’t working and what was working very well! As a writer, she was able to detect some shortcuts I tried to take and did not let me get away with them. Through all the editing, I loved most that my writing maintained my own voice and with her suggestions I was able to polish my novella and hone my writing skills. Her professionalism and positive energy made the process very enjoyable.” 

– Jacqueline Cassidy, Author of Broken, a novella Silver Medal Winner Scholastic National Art & Writing Awards 2010

“I’m so grateful to Jennifer for looking over my manuscript for Pudd’nhead Parenting. Her feedback was constructive and clear, and enabled me to fix a few problem areas and enhanced many topics. She is a brilliant wordsmith and has a great feel for books and for the readers perspective. I feel much more confident in the finished product because I invested in her services.”

– Sterling B. Pratt, Author of Pudd’nhead Parenting: Forming a Positive Working Relationship with a Child with ADD