Author: Kelli Hartley

“Who Will Endure This Day?”


Let your will be done in me. I am ready to be your humble servant. I know you call

me to be ready for all and accept all that has been or will be placed in my path.

Give me the strength to endure lifes challenges and to rejoice in those challenges

when all seems lost. Please calm my mind and restore my inner peace.

For I know that Jesus helps us who are put constantly to the test. I surrender

myself to you without reservation, with all my heart. Let me be a true Christian

Disciple in Mission, loving what I have and being grateful for it.

Thank you for giving me life and being who you are!


Kelli Hartley


“Embracing His Grace”

“On The Road to Galilee”

 In this week’s Gospel from Matthew(Chapter 4 12-23), we read how Jesus withdraws to Galilee to fulfill his personal prophecy to preach the good news to the gentiles. In a most ordinary way, he is walking along the sea and encounters two men whom he immediately befriends and invites to follow him, telling them they will become “fishers of men.” Simon and Andrew immediately respond without question to Jesus’ call and they follow him. Something about this man called Jesus spoke to their hearts and left no question of what they were supposed to do. In our own lives, are we as open to how we may experience Jesus within our daily routines and are we as trusting as these early disciples? There is nothing ordinary or routine about what we are called in baptism to complete through our discipleship, but how often do we miss the opportunities to share the good news or hesitate to answer Jesus in our own lives? Every day shouldn’t we be challenged and made uncomfortable by Jesus’ call in our life or the way in which we are confronted to show up for Him? In our love of Christ and in our  desire to answer His invitation as Simon and Andrew did, shouldn’t we be looking forward to who we might meet on our road to Galilee? So often we don’t even notice those around us who are the most familiar; the person sitting next to us at church, the cashier at the supermarket, or our fellow co-workers.  All encounters with the Son of God. Daily, we are called to set aside our own comfort and personal desires to be missionaries for Christ. Our whole life is about our response to becoming “fishers of men.”

-Kelli Hartley